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Ready. Set. Revise!

A solid book edit can help with everything from creating the initial structure to polishing the final draft. I offer three types of editing to get your book and proposal in the best possible shape to self-publish or capture the attention of the right agent or publisher. You can choose one or more types of edits in the order that’s best for your book.

Global Review

This is often the first step. I read your manuscript to provide an editorial report about the book as a whole. For fiction, I address structure, pacing, setting, characterization, dialog, and voice. For nonfiction, I often help create a structure. I suggest ways to rearrange chapters and paragraphs so they make more sense, and I flag areas that need further development.

Developmental Edit

I’ll provide a detailed chapter-by-chapter edit, marking sections to consider deleting, tightening, or moving. For fiction, I’ll suggest opportunities to deepen characters and relationships, and incorporate new scenes or enhance existing ones. For nonfiction, I’ll note where you could add more information, provide examples, and develop insights.

Line Edit

When the book is in its final form, I’ll work with you on your sentences, helping you find the right words and phrasing, delete repetition, check voice and tone, and vary the sentence structure to create texture. For fiction, I’ll make sure the dialog is engaging, nuanced, and layered. And for nonfiction, I’ll flag jargon and complexities, while suggesting simpler ways to make your point.