About Kelly

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Not everyone gets to wake up every morning and do what they love. I’m of the lucky minority that absolutely does! Below you’ll find a brief overview of what has led me to realize this passion, my working philosophy and approach to achieving your success.

The Background

The road to my current role as a writer, editor and collaborator was not a straight one, but then, it wouldn’t have been nearly as fun. In fact, I would say that it was a very specific web of twists and turns that propelled me to find my passion in helping shepherd authors through the writing and publishing process. 

My career has taken me all over, with every role lending itself to a more comprehensive approach as a writing coach now. I spent my early years writing technical communication for Microsoft Office and various other business products and services. Later, I developed marketing strategy and copy (scripts, brochures, web content, blogs, and roughly a gazillion case studies) for consumer, B2B, and enterprise solutions. This extensive marketing background has played a huge role in creating books and proposals that both resonate and are marketable.

This 20-year writing career, during which I published many of my own works; completed two graduate degrees in creative writing and literature; and even taught editing classes at the University of Washington, has led me to where I am now. The unique combination of disciplines, powered by a strong education in and emphasis on fiction writing, helps me to create and encourage vibrant, compelling, transformational stories and clear, concise, easy-to-grasp guidance, principles, and exercises..

The Philosophy

The key to my philosophy is empathy for both writer and reader. By fully immersing myself in your ideas and goals, I am able to challenge you to go deeper into places you may not have even known existed and to see things about your life that you hadn’t yet realized. Another pillar of my coaching philosophy is trust. From the start, I put my full faith in you and your ideas and will work to build on your strengths to realize your true writing potential.

Only you know exactly how you can benefit others. Only you can decide the response you want to evoke. But I can act as the conduit between you and the audience you want to reach. I can help you pull your words from the ethers onto the page, and then distill them to their essence. And I can help you write in the style and tone that best suits you and your unique audience.

The Approach

Together, we will work to access what it is you want to say. I understand the art of building and weaving vibrant stories that capture readers’ attention and can help you write succinctly, so that others will listen, understand, and respond. And because I, too, have struggled with creating powerful pieces, I’ll do it with easy-to-follow tools, patience, and understanding. 

As an editor, writing coach, and ghostwriter, I’ve helped authors create compelling, award-winning pieces that have landed deals with top publishers, including Hay House, HarperOne, and Atria. I’ve also helped self-published and traditionally published authors to land national speaking gigs, increase their rates, and grow their business.

In the end, it’s about you—your message, your goals and most important, your voice. I’ll help you find it, and together, we’ll honor it.